' Reflection '
by Ryan Christiano

Please stay with me here
Let me hold you dear 
In this moment 
For tonight 
For the rest of my life 
Feel your heart beat with mine
Feel your lips for all time 

The thought of you leaving 
Has my heart bleeding 
Tears fall to the floor
As you walk out the door

If you had to go away
I couldn't make it through each day
Please stay with me 
This is my plea
You're all I see
Lying here 
Next to me 

You are my dream come true 
My muse 
Painted in heavenly hues
Ever since we met
I never watched a sunset 
Because I have yet to see
Beauty greater than thee

I curse 
Every verse
That I write
Because it is night
To your perfect light

The sea cannot part from the sand 
The stars cannot part from the dark 
The sun cannot part from the day
My soul cannot part from you
For it is two parts of the same 

' Reflection ' by Ryan Christiano
Ryan Christiano.©2014. All Rights Reserved

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