'The Night Before'
by Ryan Christiano

The young man walked down the lane
Where the Scottish had mourned in the plains
Through swirling mists of misery
The cardinal's call to courage
The night before

The bells of the old tavern doors jingled
Where inside lost souls mingled
Two weary men sat at a bar
Eyes staring off somewhere so far
Backbones bent like a bow
The barkeeper clasped his hands
And said 'You'd best get the Hell out of here'

They laughed without cheer
Perhaps a little fear
And said 'No need for that
We're going down with the ship
That's all there is to that'

The young man turned away
And watched dancers sway
To the aria of Aeolus
And blinked away tears

The young girl stood
With the fiery ferris wheel eyes
One of those eternal nights
As waves crested over the carousel
Of the carnival by the sea

The young man took her hand and pleaded
'Let's get out of here'
She shook her head and said
'This is where we were meant to be
You and me
The night before
And forevermore

They wandered around
Through the downtown
Past the man with the mask
Who stands beside an Aeolian harp
And sings of his sorrow
The night before tomorrow
Sings he:

'My Maiden waited for me
In her tower above the sea
Sent here and far
From distant emerald shores
My Maiden she waited for me
In her tower above the sea

I came here to be free
Then surely I send for Thee
Working for measly fees
So I can soon see Thee

I sent My Maiden a letter
Asking her to make life better
So she set upon the sea
To spend her life with me

There was a terrible storm you see
The ship with My Fair Maiden
Tossed about the sea
Then shipwrecked upon the shores
My Beautiful Fair Maiden
Is no more'

Silence falls upon the man
As do the tears from beneath his mournful mask
And the wind still whispers its sinister secrets
To Aeolian's harp
The young girl places a penny in the hand of the man
'No matter his riches he shall be poor

Across the way they walked until they reached a fountain
With moon splashed water the color of blue mountains
The young girl closed her eyes and tossed a dime
Less a wish than a silent prayer this time
Darkness absence of light
Despair absence of hope
Hatred absence of love
May hope light the way for love
Through the darkness of this storm
The night before

Lovers laugh from behind the window
As they dance the Viennese Waltz
Swirling and twirling in each other's grasp
Wind rapping upon the window
Foreshadowing their pain

On they dance
Though lightning illuminates the folly
In which they dwell
As seas thunder and swell
Still they swirl twirl and whirl
Though the melody turns malevolent
The night before
Nothing is the same

- 'The Night Before'
Ryan Christiano. Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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