' That Fleeting Feeling '
by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison

That feeling...
when you have loved someone so long
and waited your whole life to be with them
That feeling...
when that person has deserted you
and leaves you half dead, feeling used
drowning in a sea of tears and deafening screams,
and the door to all your dreams shut forever
That feeling...
when you're about to cry
That feeling...
when you feel you're about to die
That feeling...
In the pit of your stomach
where there used to be butterflies
but have now all flown away
That feeling...
looking down in deep waters
when you try to drown your demons
That feeling...
when you realize they know how to swim
That feeling...
when you're all alone
and darkness is closing in
That feeling...
when all hope is gone
forever lost in poisonous pits
where evil dwells

That feeling...
as though a thousand daggers
have pierced your heart

That feeling...
when your bleeding out
and fading away

That feeling...
when you can't feel anymore
can barely see the light
That feeling...
laying in a puddle of red
trying to think of
anyone that might
wonder where you are
right at this moment
in time
That feeling...
deep down knowing the answer
as you take your last breath

' That Fleeting Feeling ' by Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
Copyright © Tammy Katherine Sanders Harrison
All Rights Reserved.

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