' Portrait of a Torn Soul '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


See a handsome man in a despair
sitting at the edge of a lake
with hands holding his face
and looking in the depth
of the lake mirroring him
unaware of a serpentine snake
under a broom shrub in flower
The mirrored reflection of him
reflects his personal memories
a portrait of a torn soul, indeed !
If only it were a magic wand
the woman he loves were back !!

See the man in a hopeless despair
lost in the thunderstorm alike clouds
raging throughout his mind
tornados following tornados
transforming themselves to huricanes
See the man with the dry eyes
but in fact with lots of tears
drowning him in his own body
flooding his tormented mind
and as much a tormented soul
There is a summer sunshine
all over around him, so peaceful
but only stormy lightnings within him

See the good-looking man in a despair
taking a last look at the wonders
of the crowned summer, the king
the swans in numerous tango swings
storks seeking frogs in swamps nearby
impressive eagles hunting for hare
the flowering nature Garden of Eden alike
full of inflorescence of all kind
colorful poppies, water lillies
irises with sword-shaped leaves
wild grown Amber Flush roses
countless plants round the lake
in the shimmering Summer rays
being played masterfully on a Sun's harp

See the man in a miserable despair
handsome beyond anything to say
but strangely so alone, lost if forever
abandoned by the woman he loves
See him now jumping into the lake
falling deep into its bottom
Is it end of him, end of his life ?
He is falling and falling down
the mirrored images of him
and his life are emerging
one after another one
the woman he loves in his arms
so many lovely times
they spent together
throughout all those past seasons
till this summer when she left him
with no farewell said
This time it's his farewell !!

See the man, he is now emerging
from the depth of the lake
triumphantly, a man, a warrior !
No more despair, no wretched agony
He's no longer the one
he used to be, even a moment ago
As if by the wand hidden in the lake
he is back himself swimming like a king
through the vast waters
of the lake mirroring him
the lake reflecting him as he really is
No more a torn soul
no more a man in a despair
but yes, a man at his very best
happy, ready to conquer the world
optimistic he shall find
a woman of his life
No despair anymore, indeed
He didn't say his last word yet
and the world belongs to him !!



' Portrait of a Torn Soul ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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