' Happy End '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


See a woman at the lake shore
in a full swing of a shiny Autumn
the golden one, a king of splendour
full of rainbow alike generous nature
spread all over in the form of leaves
seen in all the colours of the world

See her with a river of crystal tears
flowing like pearls from her lovely cheeks
and streaming down into the lake

See the woman at the lake shore
the lake which is turning itself
into a sea, the sea of tears, her tears
cause she is no longer able to withstand
that the man she loves abandoned her
with no a goodbye, no a farewell at all

See the woman at the sea shore
overwhelmed by her despair
of Babylonian dimensions
and the raging waves of the sea
answering the currents of her despair

See the woman at the ocean shore
a step from throwing herself
into the immense, dark depths
See the thunderstorm over the ocean
the lightnings ignited by Wrath of God

Oh, angels, strike back at the evil
the one who stole the heart
of the woman's beloved man !

See a guy emerging in a majestic way
from a shadowy nearby environment
coming to her and extending his hand to her

See the woman at the ocean shore
and the ocean itself
which is rapidly turning back to the sea
and then the sea back to a lake
full of swans in love

There is no trace of despair in the air
neither of the thunderstorm anymore
and instead brilliantly shining Sun
beaming with diamond alike rays
and the fresh breeze of the leaves
remaining yet on the trees

See the woman now at the lake shore
transforming herself
in the blink of an eye
from the living dead a moment ago
to the one she has always been
the hauntingly beautiful
and a fiercely happy woman
a woman in love, indeed
What a metamorphosis !!
Oh, thanks angels, thanks heavens !

See the woman and the man in love
dancing their own tango, the tango of love
to the tunes of a symphony
the Symphony of Love, indeed
Well, there is though a happy end !!


' Happy End ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, March 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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