' A Lost Ball In The High Weeds '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


Look at those Californian fields
at the Sonoran desert in Mexico
the once fertile land in Spain
drought-affected Victorian countrysides
in Australia, loosing already their fight
with the devastating global warming
They all were the mother of all harvests
not long time ago, just ask your grandmas
And now ? Nothing but dry earth
unable to bring anything to life
What is supposed to be the spring
looks like the autumn gone, nothing afterwards
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


Look at those devastating floodings
those unwelcome changes to crop yields
less and less water availability
faster and faster rising temperatures
unpredictable weather patterns
While New York and much of East America
are experiencing winter of century
year after year, continuously
Europe is having summer alike weather
in the midst of the winter supposed to be
People riding their cars to the local bays
looking more and more alike the resorts
in the marvelous Caribbean Islands
All these in the very winter, oh, irony !
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


In many regions, changing precipitation
melting snow and ice are altering
hydrological systems in high ways
affecting water resources for inhabitants
and even lack of water, our only elixir
the everlasting elixir of life for now
Many terrestrial, freshwater spacies
as well as vast once marine species
have shifted their geographic ranges
seasonal activities, migration patterns
abundances, and species interactions
in response to ongoing climate change
But the human patterns of behaviour
remain the same, never to be changed
as we lived not on one only planet
but on all the planets round the Sun
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


Look at the many irreversible impacts
from recent climate-related extremes
all those heat waves, droughts, floods
monumental cyclones, and wildfires
Look at the climate-related many hazards
more and more likely violent conflicts
adding to the wildfires and the crop changes
not only frequent floods in addition
but also tremendous sea level rises
Yet we, humanity are still behaving
as if we were totally unconcerned
about the consequences of what we're doing
to our celestial Earth, the mother of us all
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


Yet we human beings, suppose to be
the only intelligent species in this world
live the way as if the world resources
never could end, and were forever
Our governments don't give a damn
the international conglomerates
equally give no damn, eying only their profits
They have a fun and say just keep going
the way you did for centuries, no problem
Capitalist pursuit of money is intensifying
by the day, at the expense of our planet
Money is the God and our Earth, we all
must serve our money, the God
We're all are slaves of money pursuit
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


A millennium ago we had only 1mln people
and no polluting industry at all.
Now we have 7,5 billion people
and money oriented capitalist systems
with huge number of polluting
egoistic multinational companies
which definitely most of the time
are using resources of this planet
and give it nothing back instead.
The oceans are getting more and more acid
and with this will come end to any marital life
and end to the atmosphere as we know it
nothing is forever ... unless we change
We're witnessing numerous anomalies
due to the changing patterns of the world climate
The alarm clock rings, it's already five to twelve
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


We're forgetting the spirals of cycles
are turning faster and faster, dooming us all
Armin van Buuren is playing in Miami
we go and dance to the rhythms of the play
Rolling Stones are performing in Wembey
yes, we must attend, the event is not to be missed
Yet when it comes to the subject of our Earth
no, this theme is so boring, no time for it
Well, one day it will really be too late
no miraculous solutions shall be found
to our Earth, the dying jewel of the Universe
No chances anymore to reverse what was done
Bye, bye human civilizations, bye, bye
bye, bye, whatever life, bye, bye
Welcome on planet Earth the new Mars
A lost ball in the high weeds, indeed


' A Lost Ball In The High Weeds ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, March 2014
All Rights Reserved.

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