' Glass Curtain '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


I feel as if I were a schizophrenic guy
one living in a Cookoo's nest
unable to get out of my labyrinths
byzantine, with no exit ever
so many levels upon levels
of glass alike curtains
the curtains of glass, indeed
which fluctuate in the wind
sometimes madly
as in the greatest ever storm
on the very rough seas

What is happening with me
with my mind on fire ?
What a terror !
A labyrinth upon labyrinths
a vicious circle of labyrinths, indeed

How shall I ever get out
how shall I brake all those chains ?
The armory of chains
enough for entire army !

I watch the passing seasons
I travel to great places
the Amazon rainforest, Redwood Groves,
Kazbegi, Rysy, Mount Blanc
Las Vegas, Cannes, Pataya
and though I feel chained
doomed forever
in all those labyrinths within me
without any chance
to get out
and breath fresh air
the air of freedom
air of liberty

Is my mind playing games with me
or am I playing the games
with my mind ?
My mind
seeming to be like a set of minds
of a thousand and one men and women
What can't be is the fact
I am lost in my labyrinth upon labyrinths
on the run, trying to find a way out

My life is a fiery night during the day
A very wintery, frosty day at warm night
a splash of falling meteorites
in the quietness of summer sunshine
Sodomy and Gomorry images at night
despite the splendid coat of shining stars

For God's mercy, what's wrong with me ?
Why all those labyrinths
with no exit, no chance to be free
and why all those laughing demons
those vampires at night
and guys with boomerangs
in the shiny days ?

I am sitting in a cafe
and while Elvis Presley is singing
I am plotting all the time
how I can get out, free myself
Out of all those prisons upon prisons
set up by the devil and the demons

Shall I ever get out?
Shall I ever breath free?
Shall I ever feel
the real ground under my feet ?
The rocky Mojave desert ?
Flemish platteland under the Belgian sky ?
Shall I ever feel I am where I really am
and not in one of those labyrinths
killing my soul softly
rotting my body
turning me into ash while alive
the living dead

I am dancing with demons
with the devil himself
Nightmare of all nightmares
the whole life, on and on
They bite me in the very white day
they get into my body
through my eyes and my mouth
my nose and my ears
Not even my skin is capable
to defend itself
Snakes upon snakes
filling me endlessly
in whichever labyrinth
I actually find myself
Run away whoever you are !!

There is no escape
no rescue
no chance
not anything
what could change my destiny
my fate
my life ultimately
What could let me finally
to get out of my prisons
prisons upon prisons
all those labyrinths
I am imprisoned in
and my mind as well
and even my soul

No chance for angels
to get me out
Feeling void
piercing sounds from alarms
set in all those labyrinths without end
as if I myself
and my own life
were hanging in infinity
void of the infinity
how long can it last yet?
How long !!!

What a carousel it is
The Damrak in Amsterdam
Eiffel Tower in Paris
Nottingham Palace in London
all at my fingertips
and under my feet
but as far away
as at the end of the Universe
Me running through my labyrinths
seeing it all, touching even
but unable to get out
and set myself free

Oh, chorus of angels
pierce through
all those glass curtains
break them all
and set me free
What's impossible
can become a reality
just in one split of a second
as if by touching a wand
or just letting a glass
to fall on the floor
enabling me this way
to return to the real world
Must this split of a second
be centuries away ?


' Glass Curtain ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra, March 2014
All Rights Reserved.

PS. It's just a poem reflecting a specific state of mind. What happens in human minds is as vast as what happens in the entire Universe.

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