' Eyes wide shut '
by Antonio Duarte


Seeing without seeing
Walking into the unknown
Knowing very well of the circumstances will be the repercussions of our consequences reaping of what we have just sowen
An unwelcome plight has been invited without invitation
Walking into a catastrophe as it abound us
With eyes wide shut
Shouts from here to there from there to here as we begin to become blind
Windows open allowing the daylight to shine it was starting to become a what would of been a beautiful day
I could already smell it in the air when I first woke up early this morning has now quickly becoming dark and vague
Throwing stones in fits of rage
Cutting eachother down with our tongues lacerating our hearts without regret in contempt
Further driving eachother down screams and yells thunder loud ears bleeding cant believe what we are saying
With eyes wide shut cant see a thing darkness blackening everything
Heart pumping fire of hate escalates further blinding ourselves
Cant see you nor feel you anymore
Just like a violent storm
A tornado just reaped havoc through our home and now its gone
Just as fast as it came
All is calm and now we see
This horrible, terrible things ive said to you and of the things you said me
Guilt settles in I hear a ringing in my ears from all the tundering that came crashing in
All I saw were streaks everything happened so fast
Eyes were black didnt see a thing but felt everything and now my heart stings
Scars are all that what we have today as it begins to rain
Dakness fades sunlight piercing through
Mend our wounds with soft soothing apologies a remedy to stich up our lacerated hearts
Seeing with out seeing
Eyes wide shut


' Eyes wide shut ' by Antonio Duarte
Copyright © Antonio Duarte
All Rights Reserved.


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