' Bell of Life, extended story '
by Thaddeus Hutyra


There was once a bell
a monumental, diamond one
A bell of everlasting life
which the locals called
the Bell of Life
And as the legend says
this diamond bell is still around
ringing, jingling and sounding
worldwide this time

Once upon a time
there was a beautiful girl
by the name of Anna Deli Rose
fourteen months old only
who died in a remote village
in one far away state behind the Iron Curtain
when bullets from communist agents
pierced both her and her mother
and left them lifeless
While her father was taken away
without even a chance to mourn his loss
her little brothers cried at her grave
before being taken to orphanage
with wounded hearts and souls
The diamond bell of life
rang so strongly
so vigorously
with a thunder alike melody
ringing, ringing
with thunders following thunders
casting lightnings on and on
more and more desperately
as if jumping out
of Beethoven's Appassionata
that it broke up finally
to thousands and one
smaller diamond bells
shining like the stars
on the firmament of the nightly sky
and ringing in a crazy way
all the music there ever was
as if the world
became Cookoo's Nest
Oh, ring, ring, ring diamond bells !
shine, shine the diamond stars !
Narrate your stories forcefully
once and for all, forever !!

Soon afterwards
those little diamond stars
bursted like spectacular fireworks
over the Sydney Bridge
and in New York's skyline
while Times Square Ball
located high above One Times Square
was lowered with a countdown
from sixty seconds until one second
and reached the bottom of its tower
announcing to the world the New Year
Celebrations began
among all people of goodwill
unaware of evil
happening somewhere else
The diamond stars
bursting like shining fireworks
were seen
at every corner of the world
from above the Eiffel Tower
to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
to even small villages
at every single part of the globe
But this was not the end of the story
What happened afterwards
was the spread of diamond pieces
over the Earth
which small boys and men alike
gathered up like mushrooms after the rain
and brought to their girlfriends
and wives
and so the tiny diamonds
ended up on the fingers of girls and women
shining resemblingly alike
in their miniature
like the original
immortal diamond Bell of Life

What nobody knew was
that the diamond Bell of Life
had ability to resurrect itself
as Jesus Christ did it himself
and so one day the Bell of Life
appeared yet again
shining with thousands and one
crystals of diamonds
in all their colours and splendors
heavens only knew
How mesmerizingly ethereal
did the Bell of Life looked !
All those numerous little diamonds
within it and on it's surface
had their own lives
heartbeats and souls
alike the living human cells
and shined like a thousand of stars
being set within the bell
an ethereal phenomenon
the world has never ever seen before
Such was a marvel of marvels
this diamond Bell of Life
belonging to God and angels
to humans and all living creatures
The sparkles of diamond rays
shined in all directions like disco lasers
showing the lifelines from within the bell
and engulfing every corner of the world

But then something tragic happened yet again
There in a remote small Iranian village
parents, Christian converts
were taken away from their house
and shortly afterwards
executed by hanging from a crane
What the vicious regime didn't know
or rather didn't care about
there was a little beautiful girl
left alone in the house
Her name was Diana Mahtab Rahdi
and she was only fourteen months old
Bell of Life, the diamond bell
began to ring and ring, and ring
its music reaching chorus of angels
and the very angelic symphony
All the diamonds within the Bell of Life
sparkled one after the other one
thousands and thousands of times
till they reached number million
a million of diamond sparkles
which were spreading
across the world
like the cosmic light waves
beaming constantly
at the Earth's atmosphere
and every single living earthling
and even reaching the core of Earth
What was equally spectacular
was that whoever saw the bell
could see through it like through a wand
or through a crystal clear water
and could see at the same time
all the diamonds within the bell
The Bell which was filled with elixirs
Elixirs of life, not only diamonds

The immortal, diamond Bell of Life
began to ring even louder
with tones brighter than pianoforte's play
stronger even than all the philharmonic plays
taken together
sounding like if chorus of angels
descended from heaven to Earth
The bell rang and rang
with thunders following thunders
lightnings following lightnings
tornadoes upon tornadoes
embedded then in hurricanes
as if the wrath of God became the reality
As so many times before
throughout history of humanity
as far back as to the legendary times
the story repeated itself yet again
The Bell of Life bursted itself
into a spectacular firework
of starry diamonds
which were spreading over the world
in tribute to Diana Mahtab Rahdi this time
the little fourteenth month old girl
left to starve, unattended

" Solidarity, Solidarity ...
... Free our friends,
free political prisoners !! "
- cheered a colourful crowd
consisting of political opponents,
students, workers, other protesters
They marched
through Cracow's streets
in protest against
imprisonment of a number
of political activists
How dangerous was it
was evident due to the fact
snipers were positioned
on the roofs of houses
Which year was it ?
Yes, 1980, the year
Solidarity Movement
was at its peak
in the communist Poland
People marched
determined to free
their imprisoned colleagues
Suddenly a shot was fired
and a young woman
has fallen down
on the stony pavement
of the street
Her white blouse
turned red fast
and before anyone
could do anything
she was already dead
She, the angel
struck dead !
But ... has anyone ever seen
an angel struck dead ??!
No, this was not possible
not even by the gravest evil
on Earth !!
Then came more shots
and the crowd was dispersed
Only the lifeless woman
in her twenties
was lying motionless
on the street
in an ever larger and larger
puddle of blood
The diamond Bell of Life
began to ring and ring
with more and more angry thumps
yet again
as so many times before
Shiny diamond cristals
beamed and beamed
more brightly
than the Sun's rays themselves
and it was
a spectacular symphony
to the woman
in the puddle of blood
yet the heroine
for all times
This symphony play
haunting to the core
of the nation's soul
must have reached
the heavens
because one day
The Wrath of God
the communist cancer
from all the nation
Poland became free
as much as its citizen
and for all times to come

Oh, thanks dear Bell of Life
you, the diamond wonder
of all wonders there ever were
Ring for us, dear Bell of Life
shine for us brilliantly
bring us liberty we all desire
It was a communist Poland then
and now are the Egyptian Tahrir
and the Ukrainian Maidan Square
the battlegrounds of the revolutions
spreading throughout those entire nations
Tomorrow it will be Iran finally
and all other tyrannies
shrouding their nations
with the ghosts of darkness
against the light of enlightenment
which sooner or later
shall pierce any darkness
with divine thunderbolts
All nations will stand up
in the glory of liberty
the one, you, dear Bell of Life
ring for the most
a symphonic spectacle
one after another one
as the world is wide
beaming to the sky
through the sky
and back
with your diamond play
larger than life
Awakening the spirits of freedom
transforming hopes to deeds
changing the face of Earth
to one of enlightenment
shining like a star
the star of Earth
Oh, ring for us, tinkle and jingle
express your anger when needed
fight back also when needed
show your triumphant smile
when your victory
is swept through
the places which need you
You're our Bell of Life
most dear to us all
Ring, ring, ring for us, our dear Bell
till the eternity, forevermost !!

What was most unusual
there were people who swore
they saw a diamond ring
on the finger
of the woman
when she was buried
The diamond ring
shining brilliantly
and resembling so much
the Bell of Life
The secret was
it was an immortal gift
to this heroine of freedom
the beautiful woman
who gave her life
to defeat
the evil

Despite various dangers
imminent crackdown especially
the protesters stayed firmly
on the Euromaidan Square
of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital
ever since November
in subfreezing temperatures
day by day, night by night
December passed, then January
and the standoff continued
with the Yanukovych's regime
Then February came
While the freeze stayed as always
the political temperatures
were boiling up
On one February night
filled with the shining stars
weaved on the heavenly curtain
behind which chorus of angels
performed in heavenly opera
when most people
tried to get a bit sleep
ghosts of evil appeared at 4 a.m.
the infamous Berkut militia
began storming the barricades
set up by protesters
young men and women
ready to give their lives
for their beloved Ukraine
Rubber shots were fired
molotov coctails
and burning car tires
in exchange
smoke and filthy air
engulfed the Euromaidan
' We won't back down '
- shouted the protesters angrily
Enough was enough
no more the never ending
subbordination to unfair rulers
' We want freedom
back in Europe ! '
Yet the the answer
were … the real bullets
from the storming Berkut militias
One after the other
freedom fighters
were falling down to the ground
never again standing up
The earth soaking
with their own blood
the blood gifted to the nation
in order to achieve
dreamt about
for centuries
liberty shining more
than any diamond
any precious stone
any riches
cause liberty was the greatest
of all riches

The shots were enough
to wake up a million of bells
The diamond bell, Bell of Life
was already watching
the Euromaidan's rivers of blood
brought upon freedom defenders
by ruthless and corrupted rulers
under the command
of the president Yanukovych himself
The circle of fortune
made a maddening turn
just within a day
and while the nation mourned
the murdered heroes of Euromaidan
the president and some officials
from within oligarchy
as he himself
found themselves left powerless
and had no other choice
as to depart hurriedly
and be on the run
The Bell of Life
was ringing and tinkling
all the time from the very beginning
assisting freedom fighters
as it only could
sound with sound
cry with cry
shout with shout
as if with arm on arm
brothers in arms, indeed
and when the victory
finally was achieved
the Bell of Life
cheered with a burst
enthusiastic beyond anything to say
out of which starry diamonds
spread into the hearts
of all Ukrainians
letting them begin their trips
towards newly discovered liberty
the liberty of their own nation
and freedoms
their own individual freedoms
tasting like nothing so far
and everything from now on
Oh, heroes of Euromaidan
you're thanked for all times to come !
The Bell of Life
shall narrate stories about you
for all times to come as well
Long live liberty
long live free Ukraine
long live Bell of Life
your bell, Ukrainians
as much as the bell
of all mankind
for all mankind
forevermore !

Mother Earth has turned
only twice with her face to the Sun
when Ukrainian people learnt
Putin and his Russia
invaded Crimea
the pearl of Ukraine
which automatically
became a flashpoint
Oh, Ukraine ! Oh, Crimea !
Why this curse from imperial Russia ?!
When shall you regain
fully fledged freedoms
and heavenly independence ?!
Russian elite troops
with no emblems
have appeared in all corners
of the Crimean Peninsula
It looked it was operation
brilliantly designed
by Putin's FSB mafia
Bloodshed was quite real
at every single moment
and the Putin's strategy
was on a full swing
all the way
to the Russian orchestrated
illegal referendum
on annexing Crimea to Russia
There were Russian armoured vehicles
already stationing
from Sevastopol to Simferopol
heavily-armed soldiers
ielding AK-47 rifles
and Russian Cossacks
all very good organised
It looked and still looks
Russia will not get rid
of Crimea the home
to Russian naval fleet at Sevastopol
and villa's
belonging to Russian oligarchs
This pearl must be Russian
according to them
Russian in black and white !
Putin will not get rid
of this newly discovered pearl
of the Russian Empire
Heavenly Bell of Life
continued to ring alarmingly
It rang powerfully
all the way to the world capitals
and their governments
from Downing Street 10
to the White House
And then … the Bell of Life
once again turned itself
into a heavenly Big Bang alike splash
and split itself into billions
of diamond pieces
all of them spreading
across the entire world
with one only message
freedom, freedom to Ukraine
no to Russian threats !

The good news is the Bell of Life
has resurrected itself once again
and is still well and alive
ringing for us at special events
such as bringing ethereal toasts
to liberty and enlightenment
and all the civilisational progresses
of the humankind
Oh ring for us, our dear Bell of Life
ring, tinkle and jingle as you like
and please, never say goodbye
Ring us and play us your music
the music of sparkling diamonds
of elixirs of life, dear to us freedoms
music of liberty, enlightenment
music of hope, dreams and desires
ring and tinkle for us, express yourself
laugh with us when the life is a carousel
and mourn with us
when we loose love ones dear to our hearts
Be with us forever, you, the life-giving
mesmerizing, immortal Bell of Life
our heartbeat, our soul, our true love
You, the diamond Bell of Life, our bell !!

' Bell of Life, extended story '
by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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