' Highway to Heavens '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

Like a Tower of Babylon
like a highway across the USA
a motorway across Europe
an overwhelming feeling
of being free, alike a high flying eagle
Like a Highway to Heavens !!

Even more spectacular
a narrow, luminescent landmass
going on and on like a serpent
ending somewhere there
on the horizon
a highway to the sky !
Surrounded by azure waters
of almighty Pacific
Radiated by the Sun's rays
strongest here, at the Equator
Everlasting Summer of the tropic
a wonder of wonders !!
How many shades there are
mirroring each other
So much greenery as much
filled with biodiversity
and above all
those mesmerizing bays
diamond alike
and golden beaches
living their own lives
to the heartbeat of the nature
fulfilling all dreams
A bosom of lovers !

Like most precious emerald stone
on the finger of lady Earth
gifted to her by the Sun, her lover
and jealously looked upon
by the starry Sun's cousins
Like a Highway to Heavens !!

Serpentine, curling, winding
yet beautiful as much
as godlike Aphrodite
in her most fashionable clothing
through which
all her intimate beauties
are sculptured alive
and washed
but never washed out
by the waters of Pacific
her admirer
Neither an island
nor a continent
and rather a narrow range of land
connecting a vast land
at both far away ends
or in other words perhaps two hearts
which don't have to be
a Romeo and Juliet alike
lost in a despair
and a tragic end
to the tunes of cello phantom play
in a starry symphonic orchestra

Like a set of planetary flowers
on the table of Earth
like a flowery set of stars
in the Milky Way Galaxy
or somewhere else
in the infinite Universe
Like a Highway to Heavens !!

She is a Miss Universe
not hiding her splendours
Just come onto her bosom
lie on her golden sand
shining in the Sun
like diamonds and ambers
like pearls disappearing
in the waters of Pacific
and look with a wonder
at the coral reefs
emerging here and there
Be a witness of a paradise
existing though on Earth
till the doomsday
when this goddess Aphrodite
will plunge back
in the depths of the ocean
if nothing is being done
to stop the global warming


' Highway to Heavens ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © January, 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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