' Clash of Civilisations '
by Thaddeus Hutyra

A symphony radiates from the sky
Oh, what have you done Abraham
that people are still incapable
to deal with each other ?

Byzantine echoes splash
like a heartbeat of stars
ingrained in the hearts
of Jews and Palestinians

Oh, why braid of hatred 
as to the infinity ?
Why not heart of love ?

Why this Clash of Civilizations ?! 

Oh, say Jews of Israel
say people of Palestine


Why, why, why ?

Why never ending conflict
and Rivers of Blood ?!

Why never ending Holocaust ?

Shouldn't Israel instead
be a home both to Jewish people 
and Palestinians ?
Why not love
replacing hatred ??

Why so much animosities ?

Reject extremism
the cancer consuming your souls
Embrace instead
the light of enlightenment
embrace each other

Oh, why this Clash of Civilizations 
instead of simply 
joining each other
through the paths of liberty ?!

Follow men of wisdom
Martin Luther King
Gandhi, Nelson Mandela
the preachers of freedom
for there is indeed 
light of enlightenment
awaiting you
people of Israel and Palestinians

Just follow this path
the starry path towards freedom
democratic rule, equality
well-being of all !!
Let the Heartbeat of Stars 
be your own heartbeat
let Israel
be your common house
let love replace hatred
no more braid of hatred, indeed
as into the infinity
no more removing people
from their own homes
no more unjust demolitions
no more disregard of each other
but yes, love, forevermost !!

Oh, why this Clash of Civilizations ?
Why messing religions with politics ?
As what happens for centuries
between Muslims and Jews
and even between Shias and Sunnis
the never ending schism
religious one
while it simply could have been
just taking religion away from politics
away from state affairs

Say no more, no more …
We are Jews and Arabs
brothers and sisters
living in our common house

Long live Star of Liberty
Long live freedom !!
Long live Jews and Palestinians
People of one nation
or at least two friendly nations
alongside each other


' Clash of Civilisations ' by Thaddeus Hutyra
Thaddeus Hutyra. © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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