Soul Searching
by Tammy Katherine Harrison

shook my soul
from its secret place
to have a look 
And held it up to the mirror
of the mind's eye 
As luminous as a star 
against night sky 
My quivering body
lay in a vast empty space 
A spark of pulsating passion
upon my tear stained face 
I plunged its darkest depths
and came to see 
Why the awful key to my infinity 
Conspires to deprive me 
Of joy 
Of grace 
To know the feeling
of beautiful bliss 
To wonder if I am blind 
To the stirrings of the soul 
I looked deeper
than I ever have 
To find the core 
I discovered a new way to bleed
drops of blood
seeping from my soul 
forming a puddle
it's strange I’m comforted
by the warmth as I lay here 
With the neurotic thought
that I finally know my soul
Crying out with each life 
breath seeking an escape
Longing to fly weightless
to secure distinctness
to achieve my eternity 
or could this in fact be reality
feeding upon fear 
and I’m dying here
Beneath the shadows of thy wings
my soul yearns for peace
but alas I'm transparent
you can hold me 
to the sunlight 
for close examination

Soul Searching by Tammy Katherine Harrison
Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra
All Rights Reserved.

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